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Brain Value, tomorrow’s research today

Values Our Values

Our differentiated culture, which lives through the individual and collective talent of each team member, makes Brain Value unique. Differentiation is an integral part of the promise Brain Value makes to its clients, and to their experience of Brain Value.

At the heart of our culture, there are our values, which guide our actions and enable us to stay on course. Ultimately, each person here is a bearer of these values.


  • Quality driven and focused on results to target maximal client satisfaction.
  • Commitment to high quality work standards by each team member.
  • Respecting the ethical principles attached to our profession.
  • Saying no to « mediocrity » and always questioning whether more can be done.


  • Commitment and dedication are the fruit of daily passion.
  • Passing on our experience and ‘taking’ others with us.
  • Experiencing as much pleasure as possible working in an exciting field, at the crossroads of marketing, consumption and cross-culturalism.
  • The world is changing, it is a new place to discover…where intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness moves through us and others.


  • Exercising empathy.
  • Encouraging while also showing a benevolent gaze on our collaborators’ work, and gratifying progress.
  • Listening: favouring dialogue, sharing, availability.
  • Respecting each individual and all differences.
  • Motivated by a good team spirit.


  • Showing open-mindedness and creativity, in order to question establishment and give birth to innovation.
  • A state of mind: an eagerness to challenge and disrupt established conventions and approaches, somewhat taken for granted.


  • Being in line with Brain Value’s entrepreneurial culture.
  • Demonstrating responsibility, taking initiatives, driving projects forward.
  • Trusting: delegating and empowering, while guaranteeing quality.

Ethics & GDPR Ethics & GDPR

Brain Value applies a policy of security and confidentiality, in conformity with its clients’ expectations concerning their sensitive data

We are particularly attentive to confidentiality and the respect of personal data.


We act upstream to the developments of new products, advertising, packaging designs or, quite simply, new marketing strategies.

The data entrusted by our clients to us is therefore extremely confidential and we treat it as such.

By our ethics and the training provided to our collaborators.

Through our IT system conceived to conserve data security (segregated access to servers, encryption of files, deletion of files after use, backing-up of data, etc…).

Through our commitments and our processes:

IT security, respect for personal data and GDPR

Protection of personal data is a challenge that is at the forefront of the research world. Brain Value complies with the GDPR legislation,

under control and certification of a third party expert with recognised certification (DPO onsulting).

We have particularly implemented the following elements: