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From an insight to a marketing strategy

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Role Strategic Planning’s role at Brain Value.

Our ambition is to support brands in the definition of their marketing strategy.

Strategic Planning is embedded into and enriches our projects by furthering them via a range of specific tools aimed at facilitating the transformation of research results into decision-making marketing.

Our credo: elaborating marketing strategies relies on the understanding and analysis of the following fundamentals

Invented by British advertising firms, Strategic Planning in communication agencies reflects the need to bring consumer relevance into brand and market challenges.

We apply this philosophy and believe that cultural friction creates sparks. Our Strategic Planning team comes from the world of advertising agencies.

Consequently, and through synergy with research studies, strategic planning adds further insights into the fundamentals:

The category, trends, weak signals or a brand’s DNA, to facilitate the elaboration of your strategies.

the category, trends, weak signals or brand DNA; to facilitate the elaboration of your strategies.

Strategic Planning inspires you and positions itself as a partner, to help co-create with you a differentiated marketing & communication strategy.

Involvement Strategic Planning’s areas of involvement:

Workshops, at the heart
of our approach

Prospective research to get a head’s start in the understanding of your targets and the way they consume

Strategic Planning to co-create strategic marketing pillars, downstream or independently from a study

We rely on a unique range of tools and methodologies to better answer your challenges

  • Desk research and multi-language data crunching
  • Social listening, qualitative analysis of social web references
  • A unique insight approach, in exploration, construction and expression
  • Subscription to sources, such as WGSN
  • A specific brand approach: we have published works on brand attachment, emotional brands, the ‘essentials’ of lovebrands and new relationships to brands
  • A specific approach to brand personality, based on Jung’s Thinking type and adapted to local socio-cultural particularities (China, USA…)
  • An expertise in target understanding through constant decryptions of key targets
  • A strong expertise on certain targets: masculinity (Observatory of male identities that has been ongoing for 12 years), Millennials, Parents (Observatory of families via ABC+), and femininity
  • White Papers on hot topics
    - Millennials and their relationships with brands
    - The emergence of small brands
    - Trends in China / Food in China / The evolution of femininity in China

Hello Bank! BNP Paribas Business’s Case

Brief The brief

Hello bank! is a major player in the field of online banking. Hello bank! asked Brain Value to accompany them in the definition of their marketing strategy and evolution of their positioning, in order to avoid cannibalization by BNPP.

Our deliverables have enabled to define a brand charter and to define the agency brief for future campaigns.
‘‘Throughout the various steps of the process, we initiated with Brain Value a true partnership. We appreciated their reactivity as well as their quality of analysis and workshop moderations. This project exemplifies the created value related to the synergy between strategic planning and research. This project has enabled us to unify our teams and management around a shared vision.‘‘

Ariel Steinmann

Marketing Director Hello Bank! and BNPP Digital