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Consumers are at the origin of digital transformation. Even before enterprises, they appropriated the new possibilities provided by the internet. New practices have now emerged, with consumption being one of the fields most impacted by the digital world.
Today, we no longer consume in the same way. A new consumer is being born.This evolution transcends the context of each person’s digital activity and concerns people in their entirety, changing their values and thought processes.

It is necessary to speak the same language as the consumers and to establish a dialogue in the place where they spend so much of their time. Digital research is no longer just an option, it has become one of the priority axes in our approach to our profession.

Consumer Digital consumer

Understanding and seducing a new generation of consumers

The collaborative economy, social networks, new usages of cell phones, the reinvention of the act of purchasing… the digital revolution is shaping a new generation of consumers.

The way they get information about brands, their purchasing pathways, their levels of demands, and their uses are changing, and nothing will be the same again. This work, published in November 2016, analyses key insights and new consumption practices. It identifies new marketing approaches so as to involve and seduce digital consumers.

  • In synergy with the themes covered in this publication, BrainValue offers research dedicated to the topic: “The Observatory of the Digital Consumer”

  • A mine of insights so as to understand new consumption practices and improve the consumer relevance of your marketing.

  • An observatory that can be extended through consulting into a digital transformation of your marketing.

Consommateur Digital

LesFreaks The Freaks

With a partner agency, Brain Value has set up Freaks, the specialist in digital research

Les Freaks

Les Freaks offers an innovative approach to digital research, using the following steps:

Les Freaks
Les Freaks also means rapidity, or even the virtual instantaneity in the availability of the research’s visual content, so as to be able to correct points in a “test and learn” rationale. For example, the arrival of a new product.

Are you interested in The Freaks ? Find out more about them on the official website

More details Les Freaks Les Freaks

Digital Studies Digital studies

Digital research is a daily practice
at Brain Value

Whether it be with digital pre-tasks before “offline” fieldwork, or entirely digital research.

Online Communities

Whether it is with communities made up of targeted profiles (early adopters, professionals) or “mainstream” consumers, we like to work using online communities.

They mean being able to build up a lasting relationship, and to benefit from a long period so as to be able to probe certain points, for example by obtaining information before and after the use of a product. By working on the cycle of everyday life, they bring in the life rhythms of consumers. They are a very good way to identify relevant consumer insights.

They are also very advantageous in terms of costs, especially in the context of multi-national research.

Les communautés en ligne

The BrainValue App

Applications mean being able to ask consumers to “post” photos/videos or text content, from their smartphones.

They place the research as close as possible to the daily lives of on-the-go consumers, by accompanying them wherever they are.

They can also provide Ethno-Marketing forms of information, via photos of their household, and thus capture consumption moments of your products.

BrainValue has developed its own application which allows consumers to share their observations in the form of photos and videos, reflecting their own feelings about the use of a product or brand.

L'Application BrainValue

Web Listening

Brands are big subjects of conversation on the web. Analysing the conversation about them, or the uses that people make of them, is a remarkable source of “social” or else classic insights.

Web-listening is not done in a rationale of representativeness, but with the objective of identifying insights or trends.

It is particularly interesting prior to Brand Audits as it can show up emerging trends or new consumption practices, by providing the keys to the spontaneous conversation about a brand, or in the context of exploratory research.

Le Web Listening