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ABC+ was created in 1987, with one simple mission in mind: giving a voice to children, who were already known as influencers but had previously never been consulted.

Today, after thousands of research studies accomplished, ABC+ has become ABC + by Brain Value to take full advantage of the growth coming from Brain Value and multiply opportunities of synergies.

Specialist Specialist

The expert of children and family research

This positioning relies on several areas of expertise:

The child is becoming an even more specific & complex target.

A multi-faceted target:

  • Indeed, levers are not the same regarding age groups and sex. A one-year difference can bring with it the phenomena of rejection or adoration, depending on the child.
  • A segmentation challenge that we always take into account when defining our research methodologies.

A coded target, whose expectations need to be decrypted:

  • A moderation challenge which we consider by adapting our discussion guides and interview methods to the targets.

A complex target, whose trends and fads change constantly:

  • A modernity challenge which pushes us to show constant innovation in our sociological and trend follow-ups, in the creation of new tools and moderation techniques used during the strategic planning sessions we offer.

The Family, a changing target.

Since 1993, ABC+ has established a family ‘observatory’, a sort of overview that enables us to

Understand in-depth the shifts in family life and the status of maternity & paternity: shifts which generate new insights.

Identify tensions and priorities in education, which directly influence family activities and product choices.

Studies Studies

Child and family research is unlike any other research study

Children’s studies require target expertise and the use of specific methodologies.

Target expertise:

For children, each age group is specific

Every age is different, which is why we cover a range: from little children to older ones, i.e. a few months to 16-year-olds.

Mums are also part of our priority

For 25 years, ABC+ has been interviewing mums, therefore also positioning ourselves as experts regarding the mother target.

Indirect targets and experts are often implicated

Friends, adult networks, teachers, educators
…hold a mediator role which influences consumption and targets’ motivations.

Methodologies Specific methodologies and tools

We have developed various methodologies

Tools ABC+ Tools

Duo-groups To survey children and mums simultaneously but separately. A method which guarantees ‘truth-telling’ from each target, while also confronting differing points of view.

Interviewing mums To gather children’s perceptions, especially from kids who are not able to put ideas into words yet, nor socialized enough to perform in groups. Mums will therefore interview their child, and then report their reactions, before giving their own point of view.

Testimonial mums Mothers anticipate more and more their child’s tastes (with purchases that take into account the child’s tendencies to guarantee consumption of the purchased product). It is almost always fitting to interview mothers alone, or at the end of childrens’ focus groups.

Tiny reporters No one is more curious than children, especially when asked them to play journalists / reporters and tell us about their hobbies and those of their friends.

Storytellers’ notebook All children love filling out ‘secret notebooks’ … and that is what they do when we ask them to write down their timetables, consumption, brand imagery…

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